Simplify your day while you stay small and operate big.

Peachy is the easiest time tracking and billing management software for care providing businesses

Focus on high-value work

We believe in making products that just work.

Instead of building software with dozens of bulky features we decided to enhance our customers' lives in ways not yet imagined. We built our people-driven platform with owners of home care agencies to ensure that time tracking doesn't take any time.

The onboarding-free administrative assistant.

Our people-driven service is so simple that it took us a single page on our website to talk about it. Peachy requires no training for our manager platform and employee time tracking tools. Gone are the days of lengthy webinars and help tickets. Say hello to simplicity.

Get more done in your business every day

Forget about chasing after staff for paperwork. No, it won't take us months of product demos and data transferring to get your business feeling Peachy keen. 

Turn your hours into dollars

Accurate records and central business information reduces costs and improves inefficiencies to allows agencies to spend less (or no) time on time tracking & billing.

Custom for your needs

We only give you what your company needs from basic telephony to a GPS mobile app. Employees from any generation will be excited to ditch paper for simple clock ins.

Access us, wherever you are

Our cloud-based platform can be securely accessed from the office or at home with real-time visit updates and instantly downloadable reports.

Here’s some more things you’ll love.

Tools to keep your home care agency competitive, compliant, and cash flow positive.


Effortlessly create invoices from logged work hours. Instantly download reports and get paid quicker.

Time Tracking

Telephony or GPS-backed tracking that is reliable and accurate with no paper or faxing required.

Time Sheets

Worried about compliance? Our service can be used in 'untouchable' mode so hours tracked can't be altered.


Employees from any generation will be excited to ditch the paper time sheets for automated clock ins, anywhere.


Visit information is shown in real-time and is accessible whenever & however you need it, whether you are at the office or home.


Securely store and access client & staff information so you can stop spending time looking through giant filing cabinets.

Ready to start saving time?

Paper time sheets and bulky platforms are so 2000's. Peachy is a powerful small business tool, that just works.